Monday, July 30, 2012

Lessons From Home

Being away for 5 months doesn’t seem to really be all that long, that is until you are home again.

As some of you know, I spent the last month back at home, celebrating the marriage of two friends, visiting family members, and spending quality time with the ones I love. But it was in my visit home that I learned a few things.

The first being that, in all things, no matter the time, things change, people change. That change is one that I was not particularly naïve to, but unfortunately it snuck up on me faster than I imagined. Those 5 months I was gone, were a normal 5 months for the rest of the world, daily routines, jobs, and life happenings.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I saw was not how I had imagined it. Deep down I understand the process of change,  I understand that natural evolution of life, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

The second thing I learned was that relationships take effort. If both parties are not willing to put up an effort to make time for the other in essence the relationship will fail. I don’t know if I can generalize it in every situation, but if you don’t make the time, there will be nothing left of what was once there. I hate that this process is true, but it has proven its pain in my life, and some of my closest relationships. All I can say about this lesson is that I hope with everything that a second time around the will to fight for the relationship is there.

Home all together was very refreshing. I can’t even tell you how much fun I had catching up, relaxing, and just being around loved ones.  Most days were spent with my best friend Melissa Davis. Wow, I am thankful for that girl. Not only did she genuinely care to hear about my experience in Namibia, she also knew when I was tired of talking about it!

The first Sunday I was back, I had the chance to gather most of my supporters together for dinner and the chance to share stories and pictures. I had a wonderful video I worked on for weeks, and of course the day of, my computer crashes. OUCH. That brought on a whole new set of issues!

I also had the chance to travel to see family members. It brought my heart so much comfort and peace seeing that everything is okay, and I got to have conversation and important moments with loved ones.

Although home was great and the time I spent with everyone was great, it was also very exhausting. It’s hard to readjust to such a different way of life. I think culture shock goes both ways. Now, I didn’t have it too strong in my visit home, but it was just SO different. It gives me a whole new set of eyes on how I live, how I consume, and all that I am missing out on.

I am so thankful for my time at home and I feel so refreshed and renewed because of the visit.

And now, I am back at Zion! So look for the next blog about my first few days back!!

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