Wednesday, June 27, 2012

High above the ground

Up here, high above the ground, my heart is flooded. Flooded with awe, wonder and amazement. My god, He made all this. He created an earth that has cycles and works in harmony with its surroundings and it's inhabitants. I look down as we fly over the country of Botswana, staring across vast plains and wonder of the life below me. Not just wildlife, but human life. Real hearts with real heartbeats that the Lord created. People, of a different walk of life who were still created in the very image of their heavenly father. And I can't help but wonder, do they know?Do they know the love that the creator of this universe holds for them. Do they know the freedom that is found in the truth of the gospel? I have to say, high up here, above it all, I can't help but wonder, cant help but hope. What does this wondering mean in my life. It brings to life the reality of Jesus words in Matthew 28. To go and preach the world to ALL nations and ALL people. These people below me, and people nowhere near this plane but residents of this earth, deserve to know. Deserve the chance to know the truth and hold the same hope I rest my life on.

I just wanted to share a bit of airplane theology with yall.