Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A whirlwind of a month!!!

Well it has again been to long since I have updated on this blog! YIKES! I am so bad at this! I hope you all will forgive me!

Well since the last week of August things have not slowed down one beat around here!

The Curry’s (our directors) left the end of August for the first 3 month Furlough. We were sad to see them leave, but we know how excited they are to see family and friends!

Before they left, a few of the Aunties and I decided to surprise them with a going away party! It was tons of fun! There was SO much food that it was almost insane! The children performed some dancing and singing, and I made a video with all the children giving them a little message! It was a fun afternoon, but followed by swimming in the Zambezi River! Now that was fun! The water was freezing, but it was definitely worth it!

With the Curry’s leaving, The Mission Society sent a wonderful couple from the States. Ed and Linda Baker. They are very seasoned missionaries and it is great having them here! Also, Carl Otter, a member of the Children Of Zion board in Maryland came the same time! Today we said goodbye to Carl as he makes his way back home. But it was great to have him here to help!

Once they left, things of course swept right back into crazy-busy-never-a-normal-day mode! Considering it was school break, most of our Out-schooler kids were home for the 2-week break! There were lots of kids and lots of playing over those 2 weeks!

Now that school is back in session things have slowly started to get back to normal…. Well as normal as things are around here! We have had our fair share of vehicle problems, late night drives to pick up kids, and several long days in hospital queues!

But there has been fun too….

This past Sunday, the Bakers, Carl and I took the boat out on the Zambezi doing a little “animal hunting!!” We were so excited to see Crocodiles, Hippos, and otters! It was a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon!

I’m sure the weeks will continue to have their unique craziness, but I am glad to be here learning, growing, and changing. I know that the Lord is stretching me in ways that before I thought would have surely made me break!

Here are a few pics! 

Me cutting the cakes at the party!

Travis, Lorna, and I

Crazy haired little girls!

The kids washing the car!


Linda and I on the boat!

More hippos!