Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4 countries in one day...along with another busy week!

Let me get to the title in a little bit! First I want to start by telling you all about my week! I hope yall read and enjoyed my birthday post! It sure was a great day! Thanks to everyone who wrote sweet words on my Facebook or sent emails! They made my day that much more special!!

The sweet new babies we have here at Zion are 6 weeks old this week! And that means clinic checkup time! Since there are two of them, I went along with Lorna to the clinic on Tuesday morning. What an experience! Holding two babies down the road that we travel to get to the main paved road was an adventure!! At the clinic they brought us all in one room to weigh all the babies! So Lorna and I are in there with like 7 other mothers to get the babies weights! It was so precious putting their tiny little bodies in these huge slings so they could hang them from the scale! I so wish I had a picture of that! And the best news is that they now weigh 3kgs!!! YAY! After the weighing we had to wait a bit to actually have their checkup, so we sat in the car and fed them! Once we saw the nurse she checked out the babies, prescribed some more medicine and then gave them their first injections. Oh man, all you mothers out there, I don’t know how you handle it with newborns getting shots! It about made me cry! I was holding Manyando and his little lip was just quivering and he was crying so hard! Broke my heart! After their shots they had to be HIV tested. Luckily, in babies it is rare, especially since we don’t know if these twins were ever breastfed, and more than likely their mother was on medicine. Holding the boys while their little heels were pricked was another heart-ripped-out moment! Once we were done there we ran some errands around town before heading back home! That afternoon I did some spreadsheets for the medicine the boys get and then played with the kids!!

Wednesday, I started the morning in Auntie Josephine’s kindergarten classroom! It is so fun being around the younger ones! They have all sorts of fun songs for their letters and learning to write and spell things! That afternoon we had gym class so our class, and Heidi and Laura’s class all went on a walk out to the bridge! We saw our crocodile friend we affectionately call “Caroline.” She was just floating in the water below the bridge so we really didn’t have to worry about her! It was super hot that afternoon so that walk zapped everyone of their energy! That night the girls decided to try braiding our hair. Wow, those girls can braid! Talk about painful!!

Thursday was another day in the classroom. I started out with the 1st – 3rd graders and then went back with the kinder class! That afternoon the girls and I went into town with Travis to go to tutwa and book our Victoria Falls trip! We walked from the bank where he dropped us off to the travel agent and then back to the shopping center for milkshakes! We all decided we felt very African after our walking through town! Haha! That night during dinner meds, sweet Maria lost a tooth! She was so excited about it and the fact that she got to write the tooth fairy a letter!

Friday was a true typical day in Africa adventure for me and Lorna. We had a few kids we had to take to the local hospital for check ups and med refills. Let me tell you, the hospital is quite the experience! There are all sorts of ques that you have to be in, and you have to watch carefully or you will lose your spot in the que and then you’re in trouble because it will be hard to get in between someone else. So the first stop is registration to get the kids medical passports stamped. Then we move to the clinic area and sit in line for them to get their temps taken and wait for a consult room to open. When it’s your turn you duck into this room with a nurse and they ask what is wrong and they decide what you need to do. Either you will be prescribed meds or you will have to wait in more lines to see a doctor. Mattius, one of the boys, was only prescribed some meds so we got his filled at the pharmacy and then waited to see what Toba was going to have to do. Unfortunately he had to get meds filled, an injection, and see a doctor. So once we got his meds we moved on to the terrifyingly long line to see the doc. As time inched closer to one, and we knew they would all leave for lunch, so we decided to head home and eat lunch and then come back. So that afternoon we came back and barely had any wait to see the doctor, so that worked out nicely! The girls and I spent Friday night playing Rummikub and getting our things ready for our day trip to the falls!!

Saturday morning was an early start to our “4 countries in one day” journey. Our guide picked us at 6:30am to begin our fun day! Our drive from Zion included passing into Botswana, which means driving through the wildlife reserve, so we got to see a lot of animals! Tons of elephants, Cape buffalo, and a few Giraffe! Then we crossed the border into Zimbabwe! We had about an hour or so drive from the border to the falls, also known as the Smoke That Thunders. Victoria Falls town is a very touristy town so the city had tons of shops and opportunities for excursions of all sorts! I definitely need to go back while I’m here to do some adventurous things! Like ride an elephant!! We got to the park and had about 2 ½ hours to walk along the falls and take a ridiculous amount of pictures! It was seriously the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. It took my breath away when I saw them for the first time. They are so grand, and so LOUD and beautiful that when you look at them you suddenly feel incredibly tiny. Looking at this, one of the 7 wonders of the world, Gods artistry and greatness is so magnificently displayed! All I could do was praise Him! We walked from point to point, and got wetter and wetter as we walked! Before we knew it we were drenched!! We got to one of the further points called “Danger point.” You basically walk down this path that leads right to the edge and there are really no fences or plant buildups along the side. It is just open and unbelievably breathtaking. It was so close to the falls though that I couldn’t get my camera out to take an actual picture! But there I am standing on a rock overlooking the largest waterfalls in the world drenched from head to toe with my arms spread wide just screaming, because honestly it felt as though that was the best response! I seriously hope that everyone at some point in their life has the opportunity to see these falls! It is so gorgeous!

Once we left the falls we drove out to the Victoria Falls Lodge. On our drive we drove past some elephants. They were literally like 5 feet from our car! I had my head and camera stuck out the window and I guess my elephant friend didn’t like having his picture taken and he made it known!!! He flared out his ears and stamped his feet and blew his trunk at us! It scared me half to death, but it was about the funniest thing ever!! The lodge we ate lunch at was incredible! We sat out on the back bar deck that over looked a watering hole and we could see Livingstone, Zambia from the deck. It was like being in the Lion King, and we all know how much I love Disney movies. It was incredible! We had a fantastic meal and watched as a storm from Zambia rolled in!

After lunch we drove back into town and went to a local craft market. It was hilarious because all of these guys swarmed us to come and look at their booths. We were hounded like no other!! But we did get some great stuff! Then we drove back near the falls and the bridge that connects the two countries over the water. We got to walk out on the bridge and over look the river and the huge gorge. It was beautiful. You could also see the Victoria Falls Hotel off in the distance. We stood near the bungee jumping area, and I can’t even imagine ever doing that!!! Especially after watching the news about that girl who fell! It is SO far down! The best part is that halfway across the bridge is the Zimbabwe border then “no mans land”, and then Zambia. So we had fun taking border pictures!!

From the bridge we drove to the Victoria Falls Hotel. It is the oldest hotel in the area and it is a colonial style hotel that is stunning. Walking through that hotel we definitely felt as though we needed to be royalty to be in its midst. But the views that this hotel had were remarkable. As we walked closer to the edge we ran into a girl with a “Tyler’s” Austin Texas shirt on! Of course I had to ask! She was from Houston and went to A&M… SMALL WORLD! We finally left the hotel around 3:30 to begin our drive back to Namibia. You see the Namibian border closes at 6pm so you have to get there in time. And it’s about a 2 ½ hour drive to get to the border, so we knew we were going to be rushing against time! Luckily we made it through the packs of baboons on the road, and all the other random roadblocks to make it back to the border at 5:47! Talk about arriving in the nick of time!

We finally got home from our adventure around 7pm! We ended up skipping out on Saturday night movie night, that way we could change from our wet clothes, eat some dinner and SLEEP!!! It was an exhausting day but the most amazing at the same time!

Yesterday in church we talked about the parable of the lost sheep. How precious are we that our father would leave behind all to come and find just one, me. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father holds me and my life in such high regard.

That afternoon we took the kids on a walk before they had lunch and rest time. The rest of the day has been laundry, cleaning, and catching up on emails, journaling, and uploading pictures.

So far this week I have been working in the school. Yesterday Laura and I organized and inventoried all of the children’s work books we received! That took us all day yesterday and it was terribly exhausting!! Today, I met with our Principal who just got back from a training in South Africa, about what I will be doing in the school for the next year! He let me know that I would be taking over the Preschool class!! I am very excited about this! I think it is really going to help me find a purpose here at Zion. I will hopefully start teaching on Monday which means the rest of this week will be planning and getting ready to take on the classroom! So I’m sure in blogs to come I will have fun stories about my new preschool class kids!

I can’t believe it’s another week gone, and almost a month since I left! They are flying by most of the time! Of course there are days that just drag on and on, but for the most part it’s hard to believe I have been here 3 weeks already! Only about 46 more to go!! Haha!

Continue to lift me up in your prayers. Continue to pray adopt over me.

Love to you all!

Here are so pictures from the week!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A birthday to remember...

A Birthday To Remember….

Well a new year is before me, and an old one is behind me! To say this birthday was different than the last is an understatement! I feel incredibly blessed to start and spend 23 here at Zion!

I would love to tell you about my wonderful day!!

Well it started with the great East House flood of 2012. Let me explain. I woke up and walked into our kitchen to find a pool in our midst. Somehow overnight our pipes from the kitchen were leaking and created this new water feature. Who knew I’d have a pool party on my birthday!!

My morning continued with staff devotions and then heading out to Mafuta. I have to say that was one of the best experiences. The orphans and students that are fed there are absolutely adorable. They all came up to me grabbing my hand to tell me good morning and ask me how I was! It was so great. In that moment, I knew that the Lord was preparing something for me, something greater than I had in mind when coming here. But still something so great I don’t even know what it is yet.

After Mafuta I spent the day in town with Travis and Lorna doing all of this weeks shopping. Let me tell you what. Shopping for a children’s home is exhausting. SO much food was bought!! Then of course we had to stop and get ice cream to celebrate my birthday! I definitely didn’t argue that idea!

Once we made it back to Zion and unloaded our fully stocked van the girls and I got ready to head into town for a visit to the travel agency and then a wonderful pizza dinner! But first I was given a lovely stack of handmade cards from the kids in the classroom I have been helping in! What a wonderful surprise!

We visited Tutwa, the travel agency, because we are hopefully going to get to go to Victoria Falls this weekend! I am so excited! Then we headed to dinner at a local restaurant. We all ordered a different flavored pizza, and when she brought them out to us, you would think the 4 of us hadn’t eaten in years. The pizza was AMAZING. Best pizza I’ve ever had! The restaurant is at the top of a building so we had beautiful views of the city and the beautiful clouds in the sky!! I had so much fun just relaxing and being “NORMAL” with the girls!

The best part of this birthday might be the fact that on our drive back to Zion, as we were passing the river, we saw 2 hippos!! Yes, 2 HIPPOS! Of course they were far from where we were, but still we could see their little snouts up out of the water!

I felt incredibly blessed all day. I was surround by great people who made my birthday one I will never forget!

Here are a few pictures from the day!

Laura sweeping out the flood water!

Cool coke can!



Heidi and I!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colossians 3:17

“Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

This was the verse talked about it in church this morning, and it got me thinking about this past week, and all of the weeks ahead of me. Did I act, serve, work, and love in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ this past week? In all that did no matter how small was I proclaiming the name of the Lord?....

It is kind of daunting question to ask yourself, even if you aren’t in Africa. But I have found that especially need to be asking myself this question everyday. Like all things in life, we settle into a routine. We find a niche and make it work. In everyday life I believe that is being passive. Being here in Africa, I feel like that is being wasteful. How could I waste one moment on things, thoughts, or actions that do not bring glory and praise to the Name of Jesus.

I can look at this week full of new things, different adventures, but I still have to ask myself what was the driving force behind all of those things. If I can’t answer Jesus, I know I have to change something.

I have been challenged by that so much today. I am here for a year. Yes, that seems like a long time, but in the realm of how fleeting this life is, that is nothing. My prayer and desire is that every day, every moment, every breath that leaves my mouth has purpose and meaning. I challenge you with that as well. Examine your days, your everyday life, and ask yourself the same question. Take it to the Lord and I know He will reveal to you ways in which He wants you to step back and allow Him to move.

So I hope the some of you who read this blog are interest in my everyday life and the happenings here in Namibia…. So now I will fill you in on this past week.

Hopefully everyone read my previous post about the beautiful new baby boys we welcomed into Zion…. If not, scroll down and take a few minutes to read it. We will be here waiting when you are done!

Tuesday I, yes me, learned to drive a stick. I know I know. Take a second to process that. Oh wait, don’t forget the driver is on the opposite side, and you drive on the opposite side of the road. Okay, now process that. Oy vey, is correct. Talk about an experience. But don’t worry no one was injured or killed in the process. Just frightened some I am sure.  That night I was challenged and pushed to think about why I am here. Why did God call me to this place? What is my purpose? It was a rough night; I spent a lot of time crying out to him seeking comfort and normalcy. But I knew nights like this would come.

Wednesday and Thursday, I spent the day in the classroom. One day with the 1st-3rd graders and the second with the Kindergarten class. What cuties they are. I am excited to be in one classroom full time. The principal is away at the capital city, Windhoek, for training and wont be back till the 25th of this month! So hopefully after he is back, I will have a better understanding of my days! These afternoons were spent watching the kids train for the regional sports event that was on Friday. Man these kids can run!! It is so fun watching them compete, and especially when the little ones try and keep up with the olders!

Friday morning was an early one. We met at 6:30 to load up and head to the sports complex in town. We packed all the kids in the 3 vehicles and headed off. Once we got there, Laura (another volunteer), Maria (one of our girls), and I headed to the hospital. With me driving, by myself for the first time…. She needed to go to the TB clinic for her checkup and get her meds refilled. So, I take off in the van. Lets just say, getting to the hospital was purely a miracle. I had a few issues to say the least. The drive back to the sports event wasn’t as bad. But I will say it’ll take awhile for me to get behind the wheel again! HA! The rest of the afternoon we spent at the sports field in the scorching sun. First sunburn, Check. I know understand why people carry umbrellas with them everywhere. Sun protection. Definitely bringing that along next time.

Saturday, oh Saturday, a day to sleep in!! Except on this particular Saturday, our little friend Joshua thought he would be funny by banging on our door at 7:30am. Ouch. Of course I can’t fall asleep after that, so I spent the morning doing devotions, journaling, and reading. I am currently doing a bible in a year reading plan. Its been really nice having set readings everyday, no matter how hard getting through some of the old testament can be!! Around 11 the girls and I (Laura, Heidi, and Jessie) took 4 of our older boys to town so they can get out for a bit. It works out nicely for us because we get the chance to go the market and mess around town. The market was fantastic. There are so many amazing things you can get! I can’t wait to do some shopping! We got back just in time for a HUGE storm to hit. It rained for about 5 hours or so! It was kind of nice! Around 4 we led the children’s bible study. We read the book “The Legend of the Three Trees.” If you haven’t read this, you absolutely should. Saturday nights are movie nights around here, so indulged in chocolate and a good Disney movie!

Today we had Church, led by Travis, and had some fun after playing board games and puzzles while the rain fell outside. This afternoon is consisting of rest, laundry, and cleaning around the East House (our humble abode).

I am excited for tomorrow and having my first Birthday in Africa! Maybe 23 will be the best year yet! The girls and I are going to go for pizza in town tomorrow night! I’m excited!

I have loved hearing from lots of you throughout the week. Send emails, it keeps me sane!! Haha!!!
ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!!! This was on our drive through Botswana!
The view from my house as a storm was coming across the river!
This is the school here at Zion.
This was at the sporting event in Katima this past Friday afternoon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A glimpse of Christ

A glimpse of Christ…

Monday morning started with staff devotions followed with an immediate departure for town. Why, you ask? We had a court appearance at 9am to pick up one-month-old twin boys, who were born a month premature. Yes, you read that correctly, 1 month old. So Jessie and I piled in the van with the Curry’s to head to court. When we arrived we waited outside as the hearing proceeded. After a little bit, out walks the family with the babies. We walked to the parking lot and there in that moment, a family gave their nephews away to be cared for and raised by someone else. In that moment, a family made the decision to provide something better for these two lives. I praise God that I was present to witness this moment in time. I was the first Auntie to hold little Manyando. I was the first to look in his little wrinkly face and pray a prayer of health, strength, and love over him. Looking in the faces of Mafanjeho and Manyando I see a glimpse of my creator. I see his power, that he can create such a being as this. I see the love he has for us that he would put so much detail and thought into the creation of every life no matter the gender, race, country, or circumstance. Unfortunately these boys were born into a situation where they could not be properly cared for but praise God for the judgment of this family to seek out help. Now these boys will have the opportunity to succeed and thrive here at Zion. The prayer for these new babies and all children here at Zion is that they see Christ in the way they are raised and live daily life. That is my prayer also. I consider myself blessed to be here for the first year of these sweet babies lives. The change and growth I will get to see happen will be amazing.

Thank you Father for these babies. I pray today for their health, that they grow strong and eat enough to stay healthy and thrive. I pray for their futures. I pray they become strong men who love and fear you.

Here is a photo I got the day we brought them home!
(Manyando is on the left, Mafanjeho on the right)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A whole new world...

As cheesy as that title might be, it is only fitting!

First let me back track a few days to catch everyone up!

Monday (Feb 6th) was a looooooong day of traveling. I left Amarillo at about 8, got to Dallas and didn’t leave until 2. I got to Atlanta with a few hours to kill before my next flight. In Atlanta I got to meet up with Travis, Lorna and Jessie another volunteer. It was so great to meet Travis and Lorna, after hearing about them and reading their blog for so long I felt as though we were already dear friends! Our flight to Johannesburg left at 7pm. To explain the nerves I felt as I sat down on that flight would take words not even known by man! So much was running through my mind, my heart felt so many things, and as tears flowed down my face I knew this was it! I sat next to the greatest couple from Michigan! He is a publisher for Zondervan publishing company who just happened to publish the book I was reading on the plane, “The Circle Maker”, which I highly recommend. He publishes bibles and Christian reading material and was headed to South Africa to meet with Authors! We had great conversations and they offered a lot of advice on traveling through Africa. Surprisingly the 16-hour flight wasn’t that terrible! I watched a couple of movies and then popped a sleeping pill and was out for a whole 8 hours! When I woke up we were about 2 hours away and were flying right over the country of Namibia! When we arrived in SA we went through customs and got my luggage and headed to the guest lodge for the night! We stayed at the cutest little lodge with the sweetest lady running it. We had a wonderful dinner, had our own rooms, and there was free wifi!!

The next morning we began our travels to Namibia! And this day was FULL of miracles, the first being at the ticket counter checking in. Unfortunately, no one ever told me that you could only check one back on Air Botswana. I had 4 bags. The 3 others were going to try and check one bag each but since they had luggage already checked through they wouldn’t allow them too. If I had to pay for my luggage it would have been 2,000 South African Ran, in American dollars that is about $250. But as the attendant continued to check us in, he seemingly just chose to not charge us. Thank you Jesus! We did some shopping in the airport; it had the BEST African things ever!! I already know what I want to get everyone as souvenirs. Our flight to Kasane(pronounced, ka-san-ee) was on a type of plane I had never seen before. It looked almost like a cargo plane, and we had to ride a bus out to get on it! It was definitely an adventure. Our flight was about 2 hours, as we were flying we had an amazing view of the Botswana landscape. Surprisingly it looks a lot like the Texas panhandle! Flat, brown, and not much civilization!!

We landed in Kasane right as the rain was rolling in! It was a gorgeous sight from the plane! We went through customs and got our luggage and loaded up the van to drive to Namibia! The best news might have been the fact that our drive is straight through the Chobe National Safari Park. Travis and Lorna informed us that we would probably be seeing animals! I was so excited. We started our trek and not to far down the road, we saw a huge pack of elephants! They were soooo close to our car! It was unbelievable! We saw so many elephants on that drive! I was in heaven, considering those are my favorite animals ever!! We also saw, cape buffaloes, baboons, impalas, tons of warthogs, and more monkeys! I can’t wait to actually do the safari soon! Once we got to the Namibia border crossing, they informed us to be in prayer. You see Travis and Lorna have had a very hard time with their Visas, and crossing the border back and forth. As each one of us breezed through the visa process and were all approved for 3 months (the max you can get at the time) we knew God had answered our border prayers. And to all you prayer warriors at home praying for safety, know that the Lord was so perfectly guiding us!! Once in Namibia we had about an 1hr and a half drive to Zion!

Pulling up that first time will be a moment I never forget. The children were chasing after the car and so excited to see us and Travis and Lorna. We spent most of the day meeting the other volunteers, Heidi and Laura, and meeting kids and staff members. This first week has been full of starting to form trust and relationships with the children, and trying to get them to remember my name!!! Thursday, Jessie and I had the chance to go to town with the Currys. It was definitely a lot nicer than I expected!!! You can get everything here!!! So everyone at home, do NOT worry I will not be going without! It is a little strange! Hey Ingrams, remember when we looked up on google earth the town and we joked about naming the buildings, there is no way you would have ever guessed these places!!!

I observed in the 1st-3rd grade class on Friday, the day was a little shorter than normal because there was a qualifying sports event for next weeks relay races in town! Let me tell you what, those kids can run! I am excited to be in the classroom soon! Hopefully it will help me learn the kids names a lot faster! The way the class is set up is so different! They use the Pace system, and curriculum that is basically like a Christian homeschooling program. It is not a normal classroom setting where a teacher gets up and teaches. It is a program were each child is at a different level than others in the classroom. That is why the classroom is 1st thru 3rd graders. All the kids are on different levels, even into the older classrooms.

We spend most afternoons just playing with the kids! We play a lot of capture the flag, volleyball, simon says, and duck duck goose! They are buckets of energy! The children have bath time at 5pm, followed by dinner at 6pm, and then play time until time to go inside at 8pm. Once the kids are inside we have time to eat dinner and then relax!!

On the weekends it is very relaxed. The Aunties get a chance to sleep in, which I know will be a huge blessing! Then most of the day is just playtime or going on walks, which the children love. Especially when we go down by the river! Bible study is in the afternoon and I am excited to start teaching that next week! Saturday night is movie night or game night! Sundays we have church in the morning and spend time playing, and some time relaxing.

Myself and the other girls eat dinner at Travis and Lornas house a few times a week, trading off who cooks and who cleans, and the other nights we have dinner on our own in our house! Our house, known as the East house, is great! We have a whole kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms! And we have a fan in our room, which is a Godsend! It is very humid and hot, which I am SO not used to!

I am loving all the things the Lord is showing me daily. The time I get to spend with him early in the morning, by myself, is so precious. And I am so lucky to be in a place that it is so easy to find and meet with him. It feels as though He is here with me always. I wish you all could feel the presence of the Lord as I feel him now. Sure there are times that are tough, and moments where I feel overwhelmed in this new life but I think that is why that this cheesy title and some of the lyrics work so well. And we know how I love Disney music.

…A whole new world

…A dazzling place I never knew

…A new fantastic point view

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and emails. Love to you all! I miss you guys so much, but I know how much I am growing here.

Please email, fb, or mail me!! The address here at zion village is:

Makinsey Allen
C/O Children of Zion Village
PO Box 218
Katima Mulilo 9000

Email me at cozv@mweb.com.na and put my name in the subject line! This will work best until I buy the modem to hook up to my own laptop! Soon I should be able to operate normally, but for now communication is a little difficult and limited! So please be patient in waiting for my response!

Continue to pray “Adopt” over me. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Leaving, on a Jet Plane...

They say saying goodbye is the hardest part. I would have to say I agree. 

I am currently on a plane to Dallas to begin this journey. I cannot believe I am actually here, that this is actually happening. It is all very surreal. 

Over the last few days, between packing and stressing over what to pack, I had the opportunity to spend precious time with some of the most important people in my life. It was so fun to have time with everyone! It might not have always been a long time but none the less it was super precious to me. 

This past Friday Brad and Ashley Ingram hosted a prayer night for me. It was such a beautiful time of fellowship, memories, and prayer. I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I do. So, to all of you who were there and those who couldn't make it but we're there in spirit, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Saying goodbye has proven itself to be very overwhelming, and to be honest, quite awkward. Its so weird saying goodbye to people I  am used to seeing or at least talking to daily. It definitely doesn't feel real. It's hard to imagine not being present in the "life" I have always known. I know so much will change in a year! 

To say it has been emotional might be the understand of the decade!! Or you could imagine its just about as predictable as the winning quarterback of the Super Bowl proclaiming he is going to Disney world! Emotion just comes with this territory. I typically can handle emotions pretty well, I have suddenly lost that ability. Tears come easily, sadness becomes overwhelming, and I can't but help having the "oh crap" moments. You know, that moment where you sit back and say to you self "oh crap, I am really doing this." I will say though that those moments are few and far between. But hey, at least we know I am human!! The beautiful thing though, amidst all these emotions, more times than not I am overcome with joy. I am joyful that I am called. I joyful that I am so sure of this, of this call, and of my saviors provision. I look at the world around me and think, "If only everyone could feel this much joy what a different picture of life we could have." I can't help but yearning for hearts and minds to understand what this feels like. What it is like to, in one swoop, feel every emotion ever created. What it feels like to be so confident in the Lord and His promise. What it feels like to know your life is not your own and being totally okay with that. 

So, as I travel today, and feel the weight of all the goodbyes, all the tears, do me one favor. Rejoice! Be glad! The lord has brought me here, He has already gone before me and He is SO excited for me to get there too! I like to imagine that today Jesus and the angels are cheering and high fiving, like "YES, she finally understands it" and on the opposite side of that I love the image of Satan just shaking in his boots saying "oh crap, she really went through with it!!" 

Now that my friends is an emotion worth having!!

Love to you all!!